1031 Exchange Services

Through our affiliate, Safe Harbour Exchange, L.L.C. we assist clients and their tax advisors by facilitating IRS Section 1031 deferred like-kind exchanges, reverse exchange, and improvement exchanges, with proven tax solutions that best achieve the client's goals.

 For further information please contact:

Greg Haehl

T: 785-843-2830
F: 785-749-3129



Title Services

Owners Title Insurance

Title Search & Abstract

Mortgage Title Insurance


Ownership & Encumbrance Searches

Foreclosure Reports

Document Recordings

Leasehold Insurance

Contract Servicing

Take the stress and effort out of managing your own loan agreements

What we Do For You!
Prompt Processing of Payments at Processing Location
Toll Free Phone
Fax Communication
Detailed Monthly Receipts, for an Additional Fee
Computerized Accounting, Reporting and Documentation
Substitute IRS 1098 and 1099 Preparation
Licensed and Bonded
Payment Coupons Provided
Courteous Customer Support
Payment Application with Calculation of Interest and Principle
Annual Statements Summarizing the Year's Payment Activity Available Upon Request
And Much More!

For more information about this service please contact:

Debbie DePriest

T: 785-232-9349
F: 785-232-2149



Closing / Escrow Services

Purchase / Sale of Residential or Commercial Real Estate
  (including loan assumptions, cash, owner financing, land contracts, first and second mortgage transactions, land acquisitions)
Refinance Closings
1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges

Standard Escrow for completion of repairs



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